Apple found to violate 3 Nokia and Sony patents



Jurors in Wilmington, Delaware today found Apple was in violation of 3 patents held by MobileMedia, a consortium created by Nokia, Sony and the MPEG-LA to enforce their collective patents.

The firm sued Apple in 2010 claiming that it infringed 14 patents in total. Only 3 patents eventually went to court, and Apple was found to be infringing all three. Patents included the camera’s phone and "call handling and call rejection."

MobileMedia Chief Executive Officer Larry Horn said after the decision: "We’re very pleased. We think it’s justified."

MobileMedia is managing 300 patents and currently has on-going cases against RIM (regarding 12 patents) and HTC (regarding 11 patents).

No settlement was announced yet, but the victory will likely result in license payments which will eventually percolate to the three respective companies.

Apple has already been forced to settle with Nokia regarding 3G patents in 2011, paying $608 million to Nokia and also on-going license fees.


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