Apple capitulates, will allow users to sign into Epic Games accounts using ‘Sign In with Apple’ “indefinitely”

by Surur
September 11, 2020

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Apple has been retaliating against Epic Game’s challenge to the Apple tax, but the company may have realized it went too far when it banned the company from using the Apple-mandated “Sign in with Apple” feature.

Apple demands that apps on the iOS App Store allow users to sign in with their Apple account, meaning a percentage of Epic Games users may be using Epic’s games on non-iOS platforms using their Apple account.

Apple had planned to cut those users off as soon as today, but now Epic reports that Apple has changed its mind.

Epic still recommends users transition their accounts to credentials which are not dependent on Apple’s current mood, with the following instructions on changing your user name and passport:

  • Login to the Epic Games General Settings page with your Apple ID and update your email address to reflect your current email address.
  • If you were unable to update your email address prior to “Sign In with Apple” support ending and are no longer seeing “Sign In with Apple” as a login option, we still may be able to recover your account manually. Please click “CONTACT US” below and provide us with the verification code that was in the email you received about this (the email subject line is: “IMPORTANT! Epic Games account update required for continued access”). The verification code you received should look like this: ABC-123-DEF

Apple’s behaviour highlights the dangers of Apple inserting themselves by force in the relationship between developers and their customers, using the leverage of its monopoly control of more than 1 billion smartphone users. Apple is currently being investigated in jurisdictions around the world, and hopefully, a structural solution will eventually be found.

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