Apple closes the lid on the 12 inch Macbook



There was no place in the world for the new Macbook once Apple launched the new MacBook Air, and now the firm has made that clear. Along with the updates to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro for students, it now no longer sells the original 12-inch MacBook. The 12-inch MacBook was once hailed as the future of portable computing for Apple and the replacement to the MacBook Air. Yet users never fully warmed up to it with its solitary USB-C port, underpowered process and dinky screen.

In the end, Apple ended up giving customers what they wanted with a new MacBook Air with internals built for 2019 and a port selection that won’t have you reaching for dongles. It is also worth noting that Apple has also killed off the old 13-inch Macbook Air, though that one counts more as a mercy killing than anything.

Apple now sells only two MacBooks (Variants not counted), the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. That, I think, is a clearer lineup for consumers.

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