Apple to catch up with Samsung foldable smartphones next year



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Apple

Samsung already has two premium foldable smartphones in the market and it has plans to launch more affordable foldable devices later this year. Today, Bloomberg reported that Apple is now prototyping foldable displays for future smartphones and the displays are under internal testing. Bloomberg also mentioned that Apple doesn’t yet have full foldable handset prototypes in its labs. So, Apple will not have any foldable smartphone in its lineup in 2021.

In 2021, Apple is planning to release the ‘S’ version of its current iPhone lineup with the following minor changes:

  • An in-screen fingerprint reader.
  • Apple may remove the charging port for some iPhone models in favor of wireless charging.
  • Improved A-series chip.

For its iPad lineup, Apple is planning to launch a new iPad Pro that looks similar to the current model but adds a MiniLED display and improved processor. Apple also has plans for a thinner and lighter entry-level iPad that uses the same design as the 2019 iPad Air.

Source: Samsung

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