Apple aims to release a car without steering wheel or pedals in 2025

by Surur
November 18, 2021
apple car

Last we heard Apple was planning to partner with Toyota or another Japanese car brand to release an EV in 2024.

Now Bloomberg reports that Apple has decided to set itself an even greater goal, and are looking to make their first car fully autonomous, with no steering wheel or pedals.

This would help Apple create a lounge-like interior with a central infotainment system. According to earlier reports Apple plans to “re-imagine a car’s interior for a future in which people ride passively rather than steer,” with their Apple Car team reportedly “filled with dozens” of ex-Tesla hardware and software engineering.

Apple is reportedly confident they can deliver this product by 2025, though of course time scales remain fluid.

Instead of concentrating on fundamental technology, Apple will reportedly focus more on the styling and infotainment aspect of the vehicle. While Apple will let the car company do most of the mechanical work on the car, Apple reportedly also has its own breakthrough battery technology.

From earlier reports, Apple is looking to manufacturer up to 100,000 Apple cars per year, which is quite a large entrance into what is still a nascent market.

While Apple may appear to be a decade behind a dedicated EV company like Tesla, the company has a reputation for entering and then taking over a market when they feel the time is right.

via Engadget

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