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WP7 App Review: Thumbz (

Join the social picture network and vote on photos!

Thumbz is a new Windows Phone app that lets you publicly vote on and upload pictures. With it, you can discover some neat landscape pictures, nice looking cars, or even some random dude posing in his bathroom mirror. It has a thumbs up/down voting system (and a neutral vote option), and you can also comment on pictures and of course upload your own!

One issue that I had with Thumbz is that there was one user who is spamming the app with pictures that I personally think are terrible and useless to look at. The app could elegantly fix this problem by “learning” what pictures people like. Perhaps if a user constantly dislikes another user’s pictures, then the app would intelligently not display any more of that users pictures (a.k.a. Facebook style, where the app learns what you like/dislike and intelligently displays things).

You can find some pretty sweet looking pictures, but pinch-to-zoom isn’t supported right now so you can’t always enjoy the pictures. And also, some pictures have issues with pixelation (the app or server’s fault, not the pictures themselves), which can kill the experience.

Overall, Thumbz is an app that is definitely a work-in-progress. In fact, this is the developer’s first phone app ever! Considering that, I’d say his app is pretty great and I commend his efforts. However, it definitely doesn’t stand up to par just yet. Panning around in the main panorama screen often causes accidental clicks, the upload screen is randomly inside the main panorama instead of a separate page, etc. With some work it could be excellent though!


Title: Thumbz
Price: FREE
Publisher: Spiteful Productions

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