App Review: Road Vision

With Road Vision, you can constantly record your driving in case something crazy happens (say a unicorn runs across the road!)

The way Road Vision works is really simple.

  1. Place your phone in a car mount on your window so the camera is facing forward
  2. Start the app
  3. Drive!
  4. If something happens, tap the screen and it’ll save the last 80-120 seconds of footage.

The app also has “crash detection” which will use your accelerometer to detect a crash and automatically save the footage.

However, this crash detection makes the app unusable for some devices like the HTC Radar. Each device’s accelerometer behaves slightly differently, and the Radar’s seemed to trigger “crashes” by simply driving down a bumpy road, making the app useless. Hopefully the developer submits an update making this an option so we can disable it!

On my Samsung Focus S, the app worked flawlessly and didn’t register any false-positive crashes.

Once you have some videos stored, you can view them all from your device. You can also upload them to the developer’s server and then download them to your computer if you buy the app at $1.99. The video quality looks pretty good, but looks like it might be compressed slightly? Nevertheless, watch the video review above to see samples of video directly from the app.

Overall, Road Vision is a neat app. It’s free to use unless you want to upload videos, so if you have a car mount you should check it out!QRCode


Title: Road Vision
Price: FREE or $1.99
Publisher: jinekLESNIK

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