App Review: Baconit

WP7 App Review: Baconit (

With over 1,600 reviews in the United States alone and an overall rating of 4.80 out of five stars, Baconit is the second highest rated app in the entire Windows Phone Marketplace, and is worth downloading for FREE!

What is Baconit? It’s simply the best Reddit app for Windows Phone available. It also looks far better than the actual Reddit website! Oh and there’s no ads in the app!

Baconit is loaded with all the features you could need in a Reddit app. Viewing subreddits is breeze. Commenting or replying to comments is a snap. Upvoting/downvoting is one touch away. Searching Reddit is intuitive. Looking at your account’s stats is possible right from the live tile. It has everything!

Plus, the app is an example of what all Windows Phone apps should be like: Fast and elegant. The simple Metro interface looks perfect, and the speed of the app makes it feel as if it is a native experience.

Are there any negatives? Not really. The only complaint I could find is that things can be slightly difficult for people who are new to both Reddit and Baconit (like I was). However, you learn quickly and the app itself is nearly as intuitive as Windows Phone! I highly recommend everyone at least try Baconit, since it is a perfect example of what a great Windows Phone app looks like.qrcode


Title: Baconit
Price: FREE (or donate for $1.99)
Publisher: Quinn

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