This app makes Windows 10’s Virtual Desktops actually useful

Windows 10 has a feature called Virtual Desktops that’s accessible from the Task View. The feature is a very neat way of cleaning up your workspaces and actually organize all the different apps and windows. But the Virtual Desktops feature in Windows 10, just like most of its other features, isn’t perfect.

This is where Peach comes in. It’s a new desktop app (built by a former Slack engineer) for Windows 10 that makes Virtual Desktops a lot easier to use with its nifty little shortcuts. Peach lets you easily switch between specific virtual desktops with its Ctrl-Shift-(1-9) shortcut which is way better than the stock shortcut in Windows 10 which only lets you switch between the left/right desktop from your current desktop. The app also lets you name all of your different desktops, which makes it much easier to actually identify your virtual desktops and switch between them.

But my favorite feature of Peach is the ability to pin a window to all virtual desktops. This feature lets you make a certain app or window show up across all of your virtual desktops, which is immensely useful when you are watching a video or a live stream. By pinning a window to all of your virtual desktops (using Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P), the window will show up above all other windows across all of your virtual desktops — kind of like a Picture on Picture mode. It’s very neat. (Just to clarify, a similar feature is available natively in Windows 10’s Task View, but that requires you to pin apps or windows by using the context menu which isn’t really easily accessible and takes more time than using a simple shortcut).

Peach costs $10, which might be a bit too high for some users — but trust me, if you have a lot of apps opened on your computer at all times and use virtual desktops, Peach makes things significantly better. It’s completely worth it. The developer is also looking into bringing the app to the Windows Store in future, so that should be interesting as well.

If you want to give Peach a try, you can grab it from here.