Another fan-made Nokia Lumia 920 ad (video)

Introducing the Nokia Lumia 920, for real!

It seems there is a bit of a trend here going on with users making Windows Phone ads.

The latest is another Nokia Lumia 920 ad by LobbaMobba, who have made some great Windows Phone reviews previously.

He writes:

So I had a sick-day from work yesterday and was bored out of my mind.
While I was browsing youtube I came across the old "Introducing the Nokia Lumia 920"-video that I’m sure most of us have seen a thousand times.
It was actually the first time I saw a Lumia, before I had only read rumors about it on different forums and it got med to do some research and the rest is history.
But I always thought it was a shame that it was computer animated and didn’t show a real phone. I understand that it wouldn’t come out as good, some of the shots are impossible to do for real and it would take sooo much looonger to make with a camera.
But as I said, I was very very veeery bored 🙂

Somehow I don’t think he should be giving up his day job however to make ads, but I do appreciate his attempt to clearly show the low-light advantage of the NL 920’s camera.

What do our readers think of the effort? Let us know below.

Thanks HENAfor the tip.