Virtual Laser Pointer Annotations are soon coming to PowerPoint Live in Teams

by Surur
May 26, 2021
annotations powerpoint live

Microsoft has announced that annotations via a virtual laser pointer are soon coming to PowerPoint Live in Teams.

Using the feature, the PowerPoint Live presenter will be able to able to highlight items by pointing at different places or data so the audience can easily follow along, better express or add content and engage more with their audience by drawing attention to certain sections within the PowerPoint slide show.

annotations powerpoint live

Only the active “in control” presenter will be able to use the virtual pointer and make annotations. Annotations made by the presenter will only remain for the duration of the Microsoft Teams meeting, but meeting attendees joining late will be able to see annotations previously made by the presenter. No annotations will be saved in the PowerPoint file.

The feature will be rolling out on Microsoft Teams desktop, web and Mac but will not be visible for users using Microsoft Teams on mobile platforms.

It will start rolling out in late May and complete by early June.

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