Angry Birds coming to Windows Phone 7!

by Surur
October 10, 2010

Angry Birds coming to Windows phone 7!

The benchmarks of what makes a relevant gaming platform keeps changing with every new fashionable game, but at the moment it rests very securely on Revio’s gigantic hit game, Angry Birds, now available on iPhone, Android and Symbian.

It should therefore be a gigantic solace to bloggers who measure the potential success of a platform by the presence of one game that Angry Birds appears also to be heading to Windows phone 7, with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 page featuring the icon hidden in plain sight next to Tap tap Revenge and MoTweets.

If Microsoft can get the hit games on Windows Phone 7 they can remain a very relevant platform to consumers, despite having only 1% of the catalogue at start.  This is something Microsoft would have particular experience with from their fight with the PS2 at the start of the decade, and we know how that turned out eventually in the next generation.

Update 1: The makers of Angry Birds have tweeted that they are not committed to develop Angry Birds for WP7.

Update 2:

Update 3:

Thanks Tasos for the tip.

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