In time for the Google I/O conference tomorrow, the Mountain View company has announced an updated version of Android Auto.

The user interface has a new, sleek Dark Theme.  The coloured accents and fonts will stand out against the black background, and improve the visibility of the interface.

As soon as you start your car, your music will start playing automatically and your favourite navigation app will show up.  This is particularly useful if you’re in a rush, as it saves having to load each app individually.

The updated Android Auto is much better adapted to cars with wider displays.  Where there was previously an extra space, there will now be next-turn directions and playback controls.

The interface has improved functionality with the addition of the new navigation bar.  There you can find your current navigation directions, music playback controls, and the new notification centre and app launcher.

The new app launcher will it faster and easier to find apps; and the navigation centre will display recent call and voice notifications, allowing you to quickly interact with them.

You can also answer calls without having to exit the navigation, just by clicking on the Incoming Call pop up.

Here’s a quick demonstration:

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Source: Neowin