Analyst: There Will Be 40% More PS4s In Use Than Xbox Ones In 2019


18, 2015

Game Console Market Prediction

The gaming console market has become a two horse race in the last few years as Nintendo is slowly fading away. Since the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One in the late 2013, Sony has posted strong numbers of PS4 sales over Xbox One. In the last few months, Microsoft’s Xbox One is gaining momentum and they beat Sony PS4 in the US market during the holiday season. Overall, Sony’s PS4 is leading the console sales numbers against Xbox One since the launch. Now, Strategy Analytics predicts that there will be 40% more PS4s in use than Xbox Ones in 2019.

To confirm the details, the global active installed base of Sony’s PS4 is predicted to reach 80.0M units by 2019, compared to 57.0M for Microsoft’s Xbox One, a lead of 40%. Both consoles will be near the peak of their life cycle at that time, although there will be room for further modest growth.

Do you think Microsoft can beat Sony’s PS4 sales over time? I think so.

Source: Strategy Analytics

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