An Edge developer may have leaked Windows 10 20H2 release date

We are expecting Windows 10 20H1 to be released in the next few weeks via an enablement package, but what we are really waiting for is Windows 10 20H2, the so-called ‘Sun Valley’ update, which is expected to bring a big cosmetic update to the OS.

That release is normally in the fall, but now a Microsoft Edge developer may have leaked a much earlier date.

According to a comment made on the Chromium Gerrit, the developer notes that the Windows Release coming in June 2021 will have a new API to prevent Kernel Transaction Manager exploits.

Of course, the person may have simply been using June as a placeholder for the second half of 2021, but given that Windows 10 is starting to look a bit tired the update can not come soon enough.

via WindowsLatest.

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