An early look of Android Q’s desktop mode with a third party launcher

by Rahul
May 28, 2019

Microsoft’s Continuum was cool, so much so that tech giant ended up copying it, first Samsung and now Google. The Android maker announced that it’d be bringing support for the desktop environment in their next release Android Q.

Beyond that, we the company also said that the support for displaying the keyboard on external screens and support for 3rd party launchers on secondary screens is also added.

The support for 3rd party launcher caught the developer Daniel Blandford‘s attention. He successfully developed a 3rd party launcher from the scratches for testing the Android Q’s Desktop environment.

Daniel’s setup is simple. He is using the Essential Phone, of course, with Android Q Beta, and the phone is connected to a portable monitor and keyboard via a USB. And here is a glimpse of what was able to develop.

I’d argue that the above images look far better than the Android Q desktop mode running the default launcher.

However, this isn’t something that regular users like you and I can play around with due to our lack of knowledge on how to create a launcher. Android Developers, don’t be offended!

Since the Android Q Desktop mode is still under testing phase, it’s highly likely that you will run into various issues if you plan to use the Android Q’s Desktop mode. So, I’d suggest you to not to try this at home(pun intended).

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Via: Android Authority

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