Amazon’s One-Click to power Handmark’s app stores

by Surur
October 5, 2009

amazon-one-click I was quite surprised this morning when, on trying the Windows Mobile app store, the software already knew my credit card number.  This is because it ties into the Windows Live ecosystem.

Handmark customers will soon have the same experience, with buyers being able to sign in using their Amazon username and password, and from then on simply purchase items using Amazon’s One-Click system and the credit card they have on file with the company.

Handmark’s VP of Marketing, Evan Conway told mocoNews: “We have a variety of payment methods, but this is a big deal for both companies. It’s nice to be selected for Amazon’s first one [partnership].”

Conway said Amazon’s payment system will be integrated into all of Handmark’s 50-or-so mobile storefronts around the world, including stores on the Windows Mobile and BlackBerry platforms. “It will be out almost instantly,” he said. “This will bring in a whole group of folks who have their credit card on file with Amazon to have a seamless approach.”

Read more at Moconews here.

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