Amazon’s Alexa can now print your Shopping List (and add an order of printer ink on the sly)

by Surur
September 11, 2020

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Your Amazon voice assistant has gained the power of printing, with Amazon announcing that Alexa can now respond to the request to print your shopping list, to-do’s, sudoku games and more.

The company may however have a more nefarious motive. When you connect Alexa with your printer the Amazon service also gains access to your printer ink and toner levels, and will now remind you when these are low, and offer to re-order for you.

Amazon is also offering what they call Smart Reorder, where Amazon will automatically order ink when your levels drop below 20%, with an automatic 10% discount.

A large number of printer OEMs are supported, and to see if the feature works with our printer you only have to say “Alexa, discover my printer”, or navigate to the Devices screen in the Alexa App, select “+”, select “Add Device”, and choose “Printer” as the device type.

Read Amazon’s FAQ at their site here.

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