Amazon Prime starts its TikTok account with first video featuring Jason Derulo

April 26, 2022

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It is no secret that TikTok is the best place for businesses to start and prosper their marketing efforts, especially now with the reports that the video-focused social networking service is expected to exceed Twitter and Snapchat’s combined 2022 sales. This only means it is an audience-rich place where brands and businesses invest in to promote their products and services. Amazon Prime didn’t fail to recognize that, so it launched its TikTok account with the help of the creative agency Big Spaceship featuring Jason Derulo.


Oh hey TikTok. We’re new here. @Jason Derulo what did we miss? ?

? original sound – prime

The new account is meant to help the paid subscription service from Amazon catch the audience’s attention on the platform, where most of them are zoomers or Gen Z users. According to the company, the new Prime channel on TikTok will “streamline the brand voice into one cohesive social feed.” Moreover, an Amazon Prime spokesperson notes that it is where the company will first “cultivate its own social media foothold” while promising that it will “be followed by Instagram later this year.”

Currently, the account still has a rather clean slate, with only one video showing Jason Derulo. The content basically features the singer with the caption “POV: Prime just got to TikTok and asks you what they missed,” while trying out some of the platform’s famous video effects and filters. The account also has a bio description that says, “Quick to deliver, slow to TikTok,” which probably justifies the lone content on its page now that only has 245 likes and 49 comments as of writing. And as for its followers, it currently has 39.1K, which is not that bad given the account started just a day ago. Yet, with Jason Derulo with 52.2 million followers on TikTok, 200 million people owning Amazon Prime subscriptions globally, and over 1 billion TikTok users, we must admit that Prime should do more than that if it really wants to get the best out of its TikTok exposure.

On the other hand, this is not Amazon’s first-ever TikTok account. In 2020, the TikTok account of Prime Video was launched, led by its Prime Video & Amazon Studios Sr. Social Marketing Manager Kane Diep. As of now, the account has 11.3 million followers and has garnered 278.5 million likes.

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