Amazon opens invite list for Ring’s Always Home Cam flying indoor security camera

by Surur
September 29, 2021
Ring always home cam

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Last year Ring today announced the new Always Home Cam. Ring Always Home Cam is a mini drone camera that can fly autonomously throughout your home. Instead of installing multiple cameras inside your home, you can have a single Always Home Cam to keep your home in check. One important thing to note is that you can’t manually control the flying, instead it will just fly in the already set path.

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“It’s not practical to have a camera at every angle in every room of the home,” he said. “Even if you had unlimited resources, I think it’s still not practical. What I love about the Always Home Cam is that it really does solve this problem of being one cam for all – it allows you to now see every angle of the home, in every part of the home,” said Ring founder and CEO Jamie Siminoff to TechCrunch.

Ring Always Home Cam will be soon for  $249, and today Ring opened an Invite list for early adopters.  If you want to live in the future, add your name to the list here.

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