Amazon is releasing an Alexa-powered Sticky Note printer


17, 2021

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There is a segment of the population who live in a hybrid world of analogue and digital technology. Particularly the elderly for example may have smart devices but still prefer information presented in analogue form.

For those people, Amazon is bringing a very special device to life.  The Smart Sticky Note Printer is a creation of Amazon’s Day 1 Editions concept, which a bit like Kickstarter will present ideas to the public and only manufacture them if it achieves enough pre-orders.

The Smart Sticky Note Printer hit its target in only 3 days, meaning the device will go on sale between June and September 2021.

The Smart Sticky Note Printer pairs with a nearby Amazon Echo and lets you print notes such as shopping lists, to-dos and reminders immediate.

It is a thermal printer and comes with 1 roll of yellow sticky paper.

Users will be able to say “Alexa, print a note, ‘Mow grass after work,'” dictate lists or ask Alexa to print out a sudoku puzzle. When done, the paper is neatly sliced by the printer, much like a till receipt.

The device cost $115 to pre-order, though the final retail price has not been announced yet.

Check it out at Amazon here.

via NewAtlas

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