Amazon Hardware Event 2021 details leak early

by Surur
September 25, 2021
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Like last year, Amazon is set to launch a large number of new devices at its hardware event on the 28th of September.

Today Bloomberg managed to leak some of the products Amazon is expected to announce.

Interestingly no major changes are expected to the Echo, Echo Show, and Echo Dot, as they have already been refreshed recently.

Amazon is however reportedly working on a new massive 15 inches wall-mounted Echo Show.

The device is code-named Hoya, and is designed for controlling your smart home or for use in the kitchen. It can also be mounted on a stand, and its home screen will feature widgets for the weather, timers, calendars, and photos. It will also support Netflix functionality.

Another new device type for Amazon is a soundbar for TVs.  There are already 3rd party Alexa-powered soundbars, but Amazon is looking to release their own  1st party version.

Lastly, Amazon is looking to update its Echo Auto product to a second-generation code-named Marion, with an updated design and possible wireless phone charging.

One device not expected to show up is Vesta, Amazon’s Echo Show-type robot, with the device reportedly falling out of favour as Ring takes more prominence as Amazon’s security solution.

Given that Amazon announced around 20 devices last year, I am sure the company still has many more surprises, so keep an eye on the site for full coverage.

via BGR

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