Amazon game streaming is looking like a reality


10, 2019

Amazon may be working on a new video game streaming service, but this time it’s sounding more and more likely.

According to two sources close to The Information, the online storefront is working on providing the service sometime in 2020. Allegedly, Amazon is already talking to numerous publishers to get key titles on their platform.

Amazon is not new to online streaming services. With Amazon Prime Video and Music alongside Twitch.TV, the once humble storefront is already a multimedia giant in that regard.

In fact, 2014 saw the limited release of The Unmaking running on Amazon’s Fire Tablet. As a tablet, the Fire is rather unremarkable, but the game’s console-level graphics and crowd technology were quite extraordinary. The game was powered through the use of remote servers which allowed the game to push the aforementioned mind-shattering visuals.

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With Sony, Google and Microsoft all working on their own streaming services (PlayStation Now, Project Stream and Project xCloud), Amazon has quite a battle on their hands. As physical media and traditional game sales also take part in the fight, it’ll be an interesting war to watch the next generation.

As those who stream frequently already know, streaming is definitely not a flawless service. With higher input lag, server location dependency and low internet speeds being an issue, it may still be a while until we have a truly reliable form of game streaming.

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