We first heard about Amazon’s waist-high robot, Vesta, earlier this year.  Whilst initially predicted for public release around now, according to reports it isn’t ready to be mass-produced just yet.

Being an Amazon robot, one of the main features of is, of course, the Alexa voice assistant.  A report last April noted that Amazon is interested in creating home robots that provide access to the company’s Amazon Alexa voice assistant, no matter where you are.

The robot prototype is voice-controlled and is able to move itself around with the help of its built-in cameras.  The very same cameras would likely also turn the device into a mobile Ring video camera, which would alert users of any nefarious going-ons while the robot patrols your home.

In addition to investing in its Alexa robot prototype, Amazon has introduced new warehouse robots- Pegasus and Xanthus.

With over 15 products revealed at last year’s Seattle headquarters, we can look forward to new products this year.  Higher quality Echo speakers are to be expected, based on past trends.

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Source: CNBC