Amazon announces Wi-Fi Simple Setup to easily setup new IoT devices

by Anmol
September 20, 2018

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Amazon announced a bunch of cool audio and home automation gadgets today and the company announced a device to help set up these new IoT devices easily. Called Wi-Fi Simple Setup, it will use Wi-Fi Lockers and share it with a compatible smart home device when in range.

Amazon is launching the Wi-Fi Simple Setup in partnership with TP-Link and Eero. The idea is simple, help users setup their new devices faster by skipping the Wi-Fi setup part. Amazon says the device will take just 30 seconds to search and connect to the Wi-Fi automatically.

You plug in the Wi-Fi Simple Setup enabled device, and it immediately looks for the Wi-Fi Simple Setup Network. Once it receives the encrypted credentials, it securely connects to the network. And, all of that happens in less than thirty seconds.

– Amazon

Along with the Wi-Fi, Amazon also announced a smart home kit called Alexa Connect Kit. The Kit has its own OS that the companies can put in order to make them smart.

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