Amazon announces the all new Echo Plus at their annual event


20, 2018

At their event today, Amazon announced the new Echo Plus along with the Echo Dot. The new Echo Plus comes with a beautiful fabric-covered design. Amazon has improved the sound which means more bass and clearer sound.

The Amazon Echo Plus comes with the smart-hub built-in just like the older version so you can easily get started with Smart home and home automation setup. One unique feature coming to the new Echo Plus is the temperature sensor. With this, the user can simply know the temperature of the room or do complicated tasks like asking Alexa to switch on Fan if the temperature hits a certain level.

The Amazon Echo Plus is available for pre-order and will cost $149.99, and will be available next month in every country where Alexa is available, with preorders starting today. Amazon is also giving away free Philips Hue smart light bulb as a preorder bonus.

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