Amazon announces new Bring-Your-Own-License experience for Windows Server and SQL Server on AWS


2, 2019

Right now, when customers bring their own server-bound Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server licenses to Amazon Web Services (AWS), they have to write additional automation to manage capacity, and also make sure of better utilization of the dedicated hosts that are required for BYOL. In order to make this process simple and easy-to-use, Amazon today announced new BYOL experience in AWS that simplifies the host management. This new BYOL experience automates the key host management tasks such as allocation and release of hosts, manages host capacity, and enables capabilities such as auto scaling and auto recovery of hosts.

The new BYOL experience launched today enables those customers who want to use their existing Windows Server or SQL Server licenses to seamlessly create virtual machines in EC2, while AWS takes care of managing their licenses to help ensure compliance to licensing rules specified by the customer.

Amazon has announced that the new simpler BYOL experience is available now to US-East (Northern Virginia) and US-West (Oregon) region customers. Amazon will also be bringing it to other regions in the coming days. You can learn more about it from the source link below.

Source: Amazon

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