Amazing Weather 2.0, a unique WP7 App.


8, 2012

AmazingWeather 2.0 for Windows Phone 7 Mango

The last time you saw Amazing Weather, it was simply gorgeous, but with 2.0 update things have changed dramatically! There are now tons of detailed weather information from the current conditions page to the hourly and daily pages, new radar and satellite images as well as the much asked for, GPS support and Personal Weather Stations.

Amazing weather 2.0 comes with the best of the two worlds: simplicity and full blown details.

From the moment you open Amazing Weather you will be mesmerized by the astonishing animations that will let you feel everything from the tiniest rain drop to the strike of lightening.


Here are some user reactions on the new version:

Wow, what a difference an update makes!
Best weather app I’ve ever seen, and the latest update has made it better still. Looks awesome, and still manages to provide a lot of detailed information.

Awesome features:

  • Astonishing animations based on current conditions, and daily forecast.
  • Detailed current conditions data.
  • Sunrise and Sunset times.
  • Live tiles with updated weather conditions.
  • Seven days quick view weather forecast.
  • Detailed text and daily forecast.
  • Radar, infrared and satellite imagery.
  • Access to nearby Personal weather stations using GPS location.
  • Access to nearest station using GPS location.
  • Pinch out for detailed hour by hour weather conditions.
  • Flexible update intervals changed from settings.

Changes in V2.0.4:

  • NEW: Detailed current conditions data.
  • NEW: Sunrise and Sunset times.
  • NEW: Detailed daily forecast.
  • NEW: Text forecast.
  • NEW: Radar, infrared and satellite imagery.
  • NEW: Personal weather stations.
  • NEW: GPS for nearest weather station.
  • NEW: Quick tutorial.
  • Refined interface for easier navigation.
  • Enriched displayed conditions in the now and hourly sections.
  • Various bug fixes.

QR codeApp Price: 1.99$ USD.
Trial: Yes 12 hours, limited to one city at a time.

When simply amazing doesn’t cut it, Amazing Weather 2.0.
EIZ, Keep an eye on future awesome updates.
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