Amazing: Alexa will now be able to answer your Ring Video Doorbell (video)


12, 2021

Author Surur // in amazon, News

Ring Video Doorbells are very popular, but not all of us can constantly monitor their phone to answer every alert at their door.  Amazon has finally released a solution, allowing your visitors to interact with Alexa via your door bell camera and speaker, and get an appropriate response, such as prompts to leave a message or instructions on where to leave your package.

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The ability to leave a custom Quick Replies message when your bell is rung will be available to most Video Doorbell owners, while the full interactive Alexa Greetings package requires the $3 per month Ring Protect subscription and a Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

Amazon is also adding a Motion Warning feature where your doorbell or interactive camera will say  “Warning – you are now being monitored and recorded by Ring” when it detects motion.

The features are being rolled out now.  Now how do I get Alexa to answer my phone…

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