Along with iOS, Android and Windows users were also targeted by Chinese government



We recently reported about a serious security vulnerability in Apple iPhones which was discovered by Google. When an iPhone user visits the hacked website, the web server will attack the device to gain access to the device. If the attack is successful, the attacker will install a monitoring implant on the device. Google found five different iPhone exploit chains which operates in a similar way.

Today, Forbes revealed more details about this attack. First, the Chinese government is behind these attacks. The Chinese government were targeting Uighur ethnic group through this attack. Forbes also revealed that Google Android and Microsoft Windows users were also targeted in this campaign. In fact, the same websites which were used to target iPhones were used against Windows and Android devices.

Forbes did not mention how Android and Windows devices were affected. But in the case of Apple iPhones, once the device is affected, the Chinese government can get access to messages, live location or anything that is stored on the device.

Source: Forbes

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