All hope lost! Samsung Omnia 7 tear down revealed soldered memory, no MicroSD slot

Picture by HBoos of the Samsung Omnia 7 internals Picture by Ali_alex of the internals of the Samsung Omnia 7

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The good and extremely brave people over at have done us the favour of stripping down the Samsung Omnia 7, and the result will disappoint any hoping to upgrade the 8 GB storage to a more modern 32 GB.

After a difficult teardown, which included removing the screen, Ali_Alex was able to confirm the device in facts run on a soldered NAND module, with no evidence of a microSD card slot.  In retrospect of course this does make sense – Samsung being one of the biggest OEMs for memory modules as used in the iPhone for example, but it does mean every Samsung Omnia7 user who bought an 8GB device is stuck with it, which is a shame on an otherwise great device.

If there is any consolation, the integrated memory should a be a lot faster than a microSD card, meaning load times on the handset of large games and such should be a lot better.

Read more in this XDA- Developers thread.

Thanks Nerys for the tip.