2013’s Alien Isolation was one of the best survival horror titles we’ve seen in years. It was a game that should have caused the revival of Alien video games. While it’s been five years since that game’s release, we may finally be seeing another game from the iconic franchise.

Just last week, 20th Century Fox filed a trademark for Alien: Blackout for use in video games.  While there are no details on what the game is, we do know that developer Cold Iron Studios is working on an Alien FPS for PC and consoles.

When can we expect to see Alien: Blackout’s announcement then? Well, let’s have a peek over at Game Awards host Geoff Keighley’s Twitter account – oh!

On November 1st, Keighley posted an image saying “WORLDS WILL CHANGE” in a font that remarkably resembles the font used by Alien’s antagonist Weyland-Yutani. Or just Weyland Corp if we’re talking about the original film.

While it probably won’t be a follow up to Creative Assembly’s fantastic Alien: Isolation, Blackout is still a mysterious title that I can’t help but look forward to.

The Game Awards are currently slated for the 6th December for the USA which means I’m going to be awake until 5 am Ye-Olde-British-Time covering it. You don’t deserve me.

Source: PC Gamer