Alexa freaks out an owner by saying “I see people dying”

Amazon Echo devices have done pretty weird things in the past and people have drawn plenty of conspiracy theories from said behaviours. However, this time Alexa did something out of the ordinary that freaked the owner.

The incident happened in San Francisco to a person named Shawn Kinnear. He reported that Alexa told her that she sees people dying every day. The exact sentence told by Alexa was: “Every time I close my eyes all I see is people dying”.

I walked back in from the kitchen and she made her statement. It was a long statement so I listened then was like, WTF, it said nothing else. I then asked Alexa to repeat the statement and she said she did not understand.

– Shawn Kinnear

This incident has led Shawn to take a decision to unplug Alexa for good. However, Amazon has been a bit silent on all the fiasco and hasn’t released any statement yet. This sure is one of the weirdest thing Alexa did till now.

Via: BGR