Alexa can now keep track of your personal belongings

Amazon has been dominating the smart speaker sales for a while now and one reason why the company has been able to do so is because of the variety of features it offers to the users. Now Amazon has added another nifty feature to Alexa that should be useful for people who forget or misplace their stuff.

Amazon has updated Echo to include a feature where Alexa actually remembers where you kept your stuff in case you forget later. To use this, users will need to tell Alexa where they have kept their stuff in order for it to remember the location. Once done, you can simply say, Alexa, where did I put my wallet? and get reminded. To save the location, you will need to say something like Alexa, remember that my wallet is on the kitchen counter.

We checked online but couldn’t find if Alexa will remember the info forever or for just a couple of days. That said, it’s certainly better than panicking at the last second because you couldn’t find your car keys. Of course, the feature won’t work if you forgot to tell Alexa where you’re keeping your stuff. In that case, might we interest you in multiple RFID or Bluetooth based tags available online? The tags store GPS location on the phone which can be used later to find important items.

Via LifeHacker

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