Airplanes 2.0 – Free Online Multiplayer Game now in Marketplace

Airplanes 2.0 - Video Tutorial

We have just released version 2.0 of our Airplanes Windows Phone game, check out the video tutorial above.

The new version brings major improvements like:

  • Position your airplanes with Drag & Drop
  • New fire/miss effects
  • Share your victory on Facebook/Twitter
  • New animations and a more attractive color theme

Also, the paid version is available with a discount from $ 1.99 to $ 0.99

Our game brings something new to the Windows Phone table by integrating Windows Phone Metro design on a Desktop/Browser application.qrcode

Here is a link to the Desktop Version and here you can find the Facebook Version.

Since this is a Online Game people can play with each other from a platform of their choice: Windows Phone, Desktop (via Browser) or Facebook. We think this is a great opportunity for people to experience the Windows Phone Metro design on their PC and also play a challenging game.

Install the game from Marketplace here.