5 Best AI Kid Generators to Predict Your Baby’s Face

August 18, 2023
ai baby generator

Anticipating your baby’s appearance in your life is one of the most exciting events, and a good AI kid generator that allows you to get a virtual glimpse of how your little bundle of joy will look can be very useful.

These tools use the latest AI technology and pictures of the parents to predict your baby’s potential face based on the couple’s genetic traits.

Let’s dive in and explore some of the best AI apps of this type.

1. OurBabyAI – Amazing Precision in Predicting Your Baby’s Face

OurBabyAI website interface

OurBabyAI is an excellent AI kid generator that uses some of the most advanced algorithms to analyze parental genetic data. Combining a variety of characteristics, it creates a visual prediction of your baby’s future face.

You can send the company photos of you and your partner and get the results back within a day. You can also send a picture of your 4D ultrasound scan, allowing the AI to create your baby’s face.

People have said that the results are almost identical to the actual face of the baby after it was born, so this is very exciting!

Below, you can see an example of the child’s face on the left and the AI-generated model on the right:

AI-generated baby face prediction example

The user-friendly interface ensures you will have a seamless experience and glimpse into the future, so try it out today!


  • User-friendly interface for all users
  • Highly-accurate results
  • Users can input personalized data that improves the results
  • The result includes all the intricate facial details, making it look real


  • Some users might want to have more methods of adding information
  • Minor variations in the prediction outcomes have been reported

2. Remini Baby AI Filter – AI-Powered Photo Enhancement with Kid Generator

Remini Baby AI Generator process

Even though the Remini platform is intended as a powerful video and photo enhancer, it also contains a feature called Remini Baby AI Filter. This tool uses AI algorithms to predict your future baby’s face based on genetic inputs deduced from the uploaded images of the parents.

Even more, after you’ve created your future baby’s face, you can use Remini to edit it and even use it for videos and other applications.

Besides this, Remini offers users great AI-powered features that make editing videos and images a breeze!

Remini AI photo-ehancements example

For example, you can considerably enhance the clarity of photos, reduce or add face glow, and even automate the process of color adjustments.


  • Exceptional levels of customization options for any user
  • Easy-to-use interface with simple toggle options
  • Significant AI-powered image alteration and editing
  • Outstanding quality results for any project


  • The AI baby generator filter requires a subscription
  • The accuracy of the baby prediction depends on the quality of the photos used

3. Baby-AC – Holistic AI Baby Generator

BabyAC website interface

Baby-AC is another powerful AI tool that parents can use to generate a possible face for the baby they are excited to meet in a few months or simply for couples curious about how their baby could look.

This AI model uses various genetic factors deduced by analyzing the structure of the parent’s faces. This model aims for high accuracy in predicting your baby’s face, and the users seem delighted with the results.

Below, you can see an example of the capabilities of this AI-powered process:

BabyAC baby face results

As you can see, the software requires you to upload two photos, one of the mother and another of the father, and then choose if you want the baby to look predominantly like either. This will yield different results, but the quality is maintained throughout, making it a viable software option for this intent.


  • The AI considers a wide range of genetic traits
  • Users praise the Baby-AC feature for producing realistic renderings
  • The platform offers users full customer support and suggestions
  • The algorithms of the app are constantly updated based on user’s feedback and results


  • The platform’s advanced options might be overwhelming for new users

4. AI Baby Generator: Face Maker – Convenient AppStore Solution

AI kid generator

For iOS users, the AI Baby Generator: Face Maker is an app that uses AI to predict your baby’s face, amongst other similar face-transformation effects.

You get instant results after uploading your and your partner’s picture to the app and tweaking the settings, like adding more customization features, choosing the baby’s gender, and even who the baby should look more like. The reviews of actual users speak to the quality of the results obtained using this powerful app.

Below, you can see the result obtained by using two random people’s faces on an iPad:

AI baby generator face maker app iOS results

As you can see, the software has taken all the information and created a baby’s face that looks more similar to the mother’s. This setting can, of course, be modified. Remember that the more information you give the app, the more exact the prediction can be.


  • Easy to use for any user
  • Requires the pictures to be clear and well-lit
  • Allows you to take pictures when creating or using images from your device’s storage
  • Users are satisfied with the results


  • The trial version is only available for three days, after which you need to pay a subscription
  • Customization options are not as complex as in other apps from this list

5. Baby Maker: Baby Generator App – Streamlined Play Store Option

Baby Maker: Baby Generator App from the Google Play Store is another helpful app for soon-to-be parents who own an Android device and are interested in seeing a glimpse into the future. This great app uses AI to scan the faces of the parents, which are uploaded with ease into the app and then creates a rendering of how their child could look.

As in the case of any other app of this type, the accuracy of the information provided and the clarity of the parent’s photos make a huge difference in the quality of the result.

Below, you can see the result generated after we’ve used two random people’s faces to create a baby on our Android device:

The app allows you to customize various settings, including the baby’s gender, age, and the expression of the resulting picture: sad, straight face, and smiling.


  • Easy upload and download of pictures
  • Great quality results
  • User-friendly interface
  • Good customization features


  • The free version of the app contains ads

As AI is slowly but surely being integrated into almost all aspects of our lives, we must understand how to use it for the best results. Whether you’re interested in AI art generators for Windows or want to use the text-to-image AI process to create fantastic scenery, you can find a tool.

AI kid-generator apps present soon-to-be-parents and curious people with an AI-powered iteration of how their children will look. Each software we mentioned above has its pluses and minuses, so choosing the right one for your needs depends on your preferences.

Feel free to share your choice with us in the comment section below!

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