AI Email Writer - 5 Best Tools To Personalize Your Messages

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ai email writer

Looking for an efficient AI email writer? I used to struggle to write emails, especially to multiple recipients but these tools helped me with my writer’s block.

In this article, I’ll look at some of the best email writers that use the power of AI to spice up your messages. Let’s go!

Best AI Email Writer Tools


yamm website

YAMM, which stands for  “Yet Another Mail Merge,” is an AI email writer tool that focuses on sending personalized emails in bulk.

It integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets and Gmail, allowing you to send mass emails easily. 

YAMM’s key features include:

  • Personalized email campaigns
  • Real-time email opens
  • Link click tracking
  • Scheduling emails for optimal delivery times.

Its intuitive interface ensures a user-friendly experience, even if you have limited technical expertise.

YAMM has five packages:

  • The Free plan: This plan gives you all basic features like open click & response tracking.
  • The $25 per month personal plan is suitable for individuals who require professional features.
  • The professional plan for $50 per month: Gives 1 user access to all YAMM features.
  • The team plan for $150 per month: Suitable for teams of up to 5 people.
  • The custom plan is ideal for large organizations.
It has a free plan with all the basic features.While it has great email-centric features, it doesn’t have an AI chatbot.
It’s easy to use, even for people with limited technical experience.
It’s great for both personal and business applications.
It allows you to create personalized email marketing campaigns by merging leads in Google Sheets with Gmail.

CopyAI ui

CopyAI is an AI chatbot that uses OpenAI’s GPT4 to generate text. However, it focuses on improving copywriting and other writing tasks. The beauty of it is that it has several categories and premade prompts.

As an AI email writer, CopyAI allows you to generate different types of emails with different tones and audiences. You can use the brainstorm ideas feature to generate several ideas for your email marketing campaign and use the chat to create templates.

In addition, CopyAI is a business-focused AI tool, so it allows you to insert your brand voice into any copy. Therefore, you can upload your existing email templates and strengthen your brand voice without changing its content.

Copy AI has five principal packages:

  • The Free plan: For people who want to test CopyAI’s features. It offers up to 2000 words generated per month.
  • The Pro plan for $36 per month: Ideal for small teams of up to 5 people. Unlimited words in chat and 500 workflow credits.
  • The team plan for $186 per month: Suitable for growing teams of up to 20 people, 3,000 workflow credits, and unlimited words in chat.
  • The growth plan for $1000 per month: Ideal for big teams of up to 75 people. It offers all of CopyAI’s features.
  • The monthly scale plan for $3000: Best for big organizations with global teams.
Uses the latest version of GPT4 to generate emailsThe paid plans are expensive for individual users
The chat feature is easy to use, primarily if you’ve used ChatGPT
The brainstorm ideas feature allows you to explore different email marketing ideas.
It has a free plan.


jasper website

Jasper is among the market’s oldest and most advanced AI writing assistants. As an AI email writer tool, it uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to understand your goals, recipient demographics, and desired tone. 

Simply provide Jasper with essential context, such as the recipient’s identity, your intended purpose, and key message points.

One thing that sets Jasper apart from other AI email writer tools is its ability to study and replicate your email patterns. It analyzes your previous correspondence, extracting your tone, style, and vocabulary to infuse the generated drafts with your unique voice.

This ensures all communications retain your authentic persona.

Jasper has three packages:

  • Creator for $39 per month: Best for freelancers and solopreneurs.
  • Pro for $59 per month: Ideal for small teams and individuals who need expert features.
  • Let’s talk: This is a custom plan for large organizations.

Remember that the creator and Pro plans also have a free trial.

Allows you to create custom email templates that match your writing styleNo free plans and expensive packages
Offers a full suite of AI features such as SEO writing and social media posts
The browser plugin allows you to generate content anywhere.
Intuitive and easy to use


Flowrite ai email writer

Flowrite is a dedicated email writing assistant that uses AI to simplify writing emails. It integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow, whether Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, or your preferred platform

flowrite Integrates Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn.

Simply provide context – a subject line, keywords, or recipient info – and it crafts personalized, professional emails, messages, and social media posts in seconds.

Flowrite suggests concise, straightforward language and adapts its tone to match your audience. It even generates follow-up reminders to keep you updated.

When it comes to pricing, Flowrite gives you four options:

  • The light plan is at $4 per month: This allows you to generate 15 emails per month.
  • The premium plan at $12 per month allows you to generate 150 emails every month.
  • The unlimited plan at $24 per month includes all basic features and unlimited emails.
  • The custom enterprise plan: Gives you access to team features.

All individual plans also have a free trial.

Affordable packages.Best for replying to emails, not email marketing.
It integrates with any email platform.Limited AI features compared to GPT4-based competitors.
Easy to personalize with greetings, names, greetings, and signoffs.


chatgpt ui

ChatGPT is currently the most popular AI application. It can perform any task achieved with automated text generation.

While ChatGPT doesn’t have dedicated email templates, with suitable prompts, it can help you generate creative emails that convert. You can also use it to integrate your brand into existing email templates.

ChatGPT is ahead of the game in its AI capabilities, but it doesn’t have specific email-targeted features. The basic version (GPT 3.5) is free, while ChatGPT plus (GPT 4) costs $20 monthly.

The basic version is freeNo email templates
GPT 4 gives you access to the most advanced AI chatbot for only $20It has somewhat limited knowledge of the most recent events.
Easy to use. Just ask, and it will answer.
ChatGPT can access the web pages to gather information.

How To Write an Email with AI?

I’ll use YAMM in this example because it’s a dedicated email writing tool with AI. 

yamm email writer tools
  • Enter your email topic (maximum 200 characters.)
yamm email topic
  • Select your email’s tone and preferred writing style.
yamm email tone and style
  • Enter the number of recipients who will receive the email. You can skip this step and wait to see the generated emails first.
yamm recipient
  • Add important details to help the AI generate a more personalized email.
yamm details
  • Click on Generate emails. YAMM will generate a few email templates so you can choose the best one.
yamm results

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So, now you can choose your favorite AI email writer. Feel free to share your pick in the comments below!

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