Afterlight for Windows becomes a Windows 10 app in the latest update

June 9, 2016

Afterlight Windows Phone

Afterlight for Windows phones and Windows PCs yesterday received a major update via the Windows store.

The update, which bumped the app up to version 3.0, included a major rewrite and redesign to accommodate Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform.

Aside from the obvious redesign and rewrite, there isn’t much indication of what’s new in the store.

For those unfamiliar with Afterlight, it is a photo editing app for mobile devices which has customisable filters, film effects and more. Next to Fhotoroom for Windows, it is the closest thing to VSCO Windows exclusive users can get.

Afterlight is available from the Windows store for 0.70 or 0.99 with an optional free trial.

Grab it from the store link below;

Price: 0,99 €

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