After short delay, Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta 10.4 rolls out with a number of improvements

by Surur
November 7, 2021

After a short delay due a “late-breaking issue”, Tesla has started rolling out their Full Self-Driving Beta 10.4 update on Saturday.

The update comes with the following changelog:

FSD v10.4 Release Notes

– Improved handling when driving off navigation route by allowing better recovery, when safe to do so

– Improved handling and detection of high speed objects when crossing high speed roads. Enabled faster acceleration across high speed roads.

– Improved speed through narrow spaces surrounded by high obstacles.

– Improved static obstacle control by upreving the generalized static object network with hyperparameter tuning and improvements for oversampling strategies (+1.5% precision, +7.0% recall)

– Improved VRU detection (e.g. pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles) by adding data from next generation autolabeler (precision +35%, recall +20%)

– Improved emergency vehicle detection network by adding new data and improved training regime (pass rate +5.8%)

– Improved VRU control relevance attribute by adding navigation route as Input to object detection network Caccuracy + 1.1%)

According to testers Tesla is rolling out this update somewhat more cautiously than earlier ones, so all Early Access users may not receive the software at the same time.

See the updated software in action in DirtyTesla’s video below:

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