After Nokia, Qualcomm Now Simplifies Its Product Naming Convention


Just few days after Nokia revising its product naming convention, Qualcomm has done the same. So far we have referred to a Qualcomm Chipset as Snapdragon MSMxxxx, for example MSM8260. Its always difficult to remember the same. According to new branding from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon will be categorized into S1, S2, S3,… etc. Where S1 class refers to the lowest cost, mass market CPU’s while the upcoming next generation chips will be called S4. This will help all of us to easily refer to the Snapdragon family of processors. Qualcomm also confirmed that a S2 or S3 class chip will always be S2 or S3, it won’t be downgraded to S1 or S2. Pretty smart move. What do you think?

via: Techcrunch