Ads are back in Windows 10 Mail and Calendar Desktop app (and there are no way to remove them)

by Surur
December 14, 2019
ads in Mail and Calendar app

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Microsoft has once again flipped the switch on small banner ads in the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar UWP app for Windows 10.

We last saw these ads in November last year, when Microsoft said they were an experiment.

Then the ads only showed for those who were not Office 365 subscribers, but on this occasion, they are present for everyone and appear non-removable.

The ads are not fixed – when you read your Gmail if offers to let you read your Gmail on mobile, and for accounts it offers the Outlook app for mobile.

Most annoyingly, the ads are still present, even if you use the Outlook app on mobile, and take up considerable vertical space in the menu.

When asked Microsoft said;

“The ads within the app itself will be displayed regardless of which email address you use it with. It is not removable, but you can submit it as a suggestion within the Feedback Hub on Windows 10 here: . “

Ads in Mail and Calendar app are of course not in and of themselves evil, but most people feel they have paid for the built-in software in Windows, such as the mail app, when they purchased the computer, and it appears the ads will show even if you use a non-Microsoft email provider.

Thanks, Vladimir for the tip.

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