Adents and Microsoft partner to develop Level 4 Serialization cloud platform


Adents and Microsoft have now partnered to jointly develop and commercialize a new cloud platform named Adents Prodigi. Adents Prodigi is a Level 4 traceability solution that can centrally manage regulatory requirements imposed on the pharmaceutical industry, as well as allow laboratories and CMOs to take advantage of the massive amounts of data generated during the serialization and Track & Trace process. Adents Prodigi offers,

  • Unit identification and traceability
  • The fight against counterfeit medicines
  • OEE and productivity monitoring across production sites
  • Enhanced user experience and personalized communication
  • Real-time data visualization and analysis

Adents Prodigi is powered by Microsoft Azure that allows drug manufacturers to securely generate, exchange and control the huge amount of data created through unit identification. It also integrates data analysis (including Microsoft Power BI) and machine learning tools, providing powerful analytics capabilities for these new sources of information. Learn more about this solution here.