AdDuplex: Nokia now has close to 90% of the WP8 market, and NL 520 takes 30% share



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imageAlan Mendelevich from AdDuplex has tweeted some teasers from their monthly state of Windows Phone survey collected from their Windows Phone ad network.

The teasers are:

  • #WindowsPhone stats teaser #1: Nokia Lumia 520 crosses the 20% marketshare limit, 30% on WP8.
  • #WindowsPhone Stats teaser #2: Nokia grabs another 1.5% of WP8 market.
  • #WindowsPhone stats teaser #3: GDR2 is on 30% of WP8 devices.
  • #WindowsPhone stats teaser #4: There’s a new no.2 Windows Phone in the US. Can you guess the model?
  • #WindowsPhone stats teaser #5 and a hint for #4: MetroPCS now has 5% of WP8 carrier marketshare in US.
  • #WindowsPhone stats teaser #6: The Windows Phone I bought in Germany is no.5 in DACH. And it wasn’t designed in Finland.
  • #WindowsPhone stats teaser #7: All top 10 Windows Phones in China are made by Nokia.

Taking them from the top, we can seen the NL 520 has continued its ascent, if slightly slower, growing from 18% last month to 20% of the whole Windows Phone market, and from 27% to 30% of the WP8 market.

AdDuplex’s data also shows that there is a new second most popular Windows Phone in USA, and that MetroPCS now has 5% of the market.  Given that MetroPCS is selling the Nokia Lumia 521 I suspect the Nokia Lumia 521 has displaced the Nokia Lumia 920, which had 16% of the market last month.  The device is really showing itself as the little handset that could.

Other titbits is that Nokia continues to massively dominate the Windows Phone market, edging close to 90% of Windows Phone 8 handsets, at 88.4%.

Some good news is that GDR2  has reached 30% of Windows Phones – still slow, but usually the second phase of the roll-out is faster.

The full stats should be available shortly.

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