AdDuplex: Nokia Lumia 625 climbing charts while NL 520 shrinks


AdDuplex has released their regular monthly stats for their global ad network.

imageThe data, collected from more than 4000 apps on the 26th May, shows the Nokia Lumia 520 shrinking for the second month in the row, suggesting that that handset’s reign is certainly on the way to being over.

Instead we see the Nokia Lumia 625 growing, increasing to 6.7% of the Windows Phone market, up from 6.3% last month. The handset, which has already been superseded by the Nokia Lumia 630, is actually a pretty great-looking device, and it is a pity it did not catch on in the market as strongly as the Nokia Lumia 520.



AdDuplex also revealed more than 5.2% of Windows Phone users are now on WP8.1, which is a pretty massive proportion of the population of Windows Phone users, for what is after all a “developer preview”.

Some of these devices may however be actual WP8.1 sales, with the Nokia Lumia 630 already the 30th most popular Windows Phone, ahead of the Nokia Lumia Icon, which is rather an indictment of that handset and its sales on Verizon.


AdDuplex notes that the vast majority of Windows Phones are low-end handsets, with only 12-14% being high end devices, of which 2% are phablets.

AdDuplex will release the full dataset tomorrow.