Add ducking swear-words to your Windows Phone 8.1 Keyboard



Windows 8.1 keyboard is a leap forward in usability. It is amazingly good and natural to use. One of the problems carried over from Windows Phone 7.x and 8.0 though is the fact that Microsoft is trying to keep our conversations too ducking clean. The keyboard won’t autocorrect curse words and will actively prevent you from using them. There are ways to train it to allow you to use them, but that takes time and is annoying. That’s where SwearWords Keyboard comes in. It will add a lot of dirty words to your keyboard, allowing you to just type the darned words in without any training or anything. Enjoy!



  • None really… Dead simple.. Press “add” to add the words and “remove” to remove them. That’s pretty much it.
  • Free

What people say about the app

  • Nothing… It’s a new app. 🙂

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