AdDuplex teases new Lumias as Windows Phone 8.1 dominates


26, 2014

Its almost time for AdDuplex to release their stats. Luckily, we don’t have to wait too long to have an idea of the shape of the Windows Phone world.

The founder of AdDuplex has tweeted a set of teasers which some should find interesting.


Here we have it, Windows Phone 8.1 has overtaken both Windows phone 8 and Windows Phone 7 combined in marketshare. Hopefully this should lead to devs targeting the more mature apis in 8.1 and creating more universal apps.


Shocking no one, Lumias absolutely dominate the Worldwide stats for Windows Phone – taking up slots #1 – #18

This isn’t necessarily a good thing. In the US, the top four Lumias sold are below the 7xx series, which leaves us with the 520, 521, 630 and 635. That’s not too good as low end phones may push volume, but they do not excite developers in making innovative new apps.

New Lumias, that’s always good. The size options also indicate at least one new high end phone. We may find out more at MWC or sooner if we’re lucky.


That’s all for now till the full results come out. Are you excited by the teasers? Let us know in the comments.

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