Acquaintance Facebook List: What Is It & How To Create It

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Acquaintance Facebook

I prefer having an acquaintance Facebook list because it helps me control who sees my updates. Also, I like to see content shared by only a few of my close friends.

Thanks to this feature, you can also decide who sees your posts and which content appears on your timeline. Below, I’ll explain what Facebook acquaintances are, what differentiates them from restricted users, and how to create a list of them. Ready?

What Is an Acquaintance on Facebook?

Facebook acquaintances are people who aren’t part of your life but you’re still connected on the platform. It could be someone you met on a work trip or an old schoolmate you merely keep up with.

Since they’re not part of your daily life, you won’t want them to see your updates each time you post. For this reason, you can create an acquaintance Facebook list and decide who sees your updates and posts regularly.

Once you’ve created a post, you can share specific updates with selected people. So, before you share a post, you can click Friends except Acquaintances. That way, those on the list won’t see the post.

The people you demote to your acquaintances list will remain your friends on Facebook and can still chat with you. The only difference is that Facebook will show them less of your content.

Similarly, fewer of their updates will pop up on your timeline.

How To Add Friends to Acquaintances on Facebook?

Creating an acquaintance Facebook list depends on whether you use the mobile or web version.

Web Version

Follow these steps to create an acquaintance list on your PC:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Navigate to the Friends section at the top left side of the homepage, then click on it.

facebook friends on web version

  • Select the Custom Lists icon on the left pane.

Custom Lists on facebook

  • When the Custom List sub-menu opens, select Acquaintances.

Acquaintances in custom lists on facebook

  • Click Add Friends. The names of your Facebook friends will appear alongside a Search bar at the top.
  • Enter the name of a specific friend into the search bar.
  • Select a username, then click Save to add them to your acquaintance list.

add/remove user to acquaintances

Mobile Version

Follow these steps to create an acquaintances list when using Facebook mobile:

  • Open the Facebook app on your phone.
  • Click on the Search icon at the top right side of your home screen.

Facebook Search Option on mobile

  • Type in the name of a friend you want to add to your Facebook acquaintances list and open their profile.

Searching friend's name on Facebook

  • Click the Friends icon on their profile page, then Edit Friend List.

Edit Friend List

  • Select Acquaintances to add them to the list.

Select Acquaintances to add them to the list

How To Create an Acquaintances List on Facebook?

Creating an acquaintances list on Facebook is relatively straightforward. Open the profile of the person you want to add to the list, then click the Add Friend icon to send them a friend request.

Once they accept the request, you’ll become acquaintances on Facebook.

After a Facebook user becomes an acquaintance, you can manage your privacy settings. Moreover, you can unfollow specific individuals on the list if desired.

So, the acquaintance Facebook feature is there to help you customize your connections and level of engagement with your friends on the platform.

Acquaintance vs Restricted – What’s the Difference?

There’s another Facebook feature that often gets confused with acquaintances – the restricted list. It shares a similar purpose, but it’s even more private.

Let’s look at the key differences between them so that you can use the right feature for the right people on your friends list:

  • Acquaintances can see your profile as any regular Facebook friend. Restricted users can only see the profile information that you made public.
  • Acquaintances can see your posts unless you specifically choose “Friends except Acquaintances.” The restricted people on your Facebook can only see your public posts.
  • Facebook thinks you’re less interested in the people on your acquaintance list. So the app tries to show as little of their content as possible on your feed. However, you can normally see the posts of restricted people.
  • Restricted users can’t see or write comments on your post. Your acquaintance list is free to comment on your posts.

Post audience

Acquaintances in post audience

Whether you add people to the acquaintance list or the restricted list, they won’t be notified. Additionally, these actions are reversible, meaning you can remove people from either list anytime you want.

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All things considered, the acquaintance Facebook list is a handy feature for managing social media activity. It limits your friends’ access to personal posts.

This feature also helps you manage your online privacy and Facebook connections. 

The best part is that after adding your friends to the list, Facebook won’t notify them. So, there’s no better way to bar your nosy ex or that former schoolmate you disliked from seeing your updates.



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