Acer’s Windows Mixed Reality headset torn down (pictures)

Shachar Weis, a software developer at Packet 39, has posted some teardown pictures of the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset dev kit which his company has received.

The tear down revealed some infrared sensors, the LCD screens, the two depth-sensing cameras which each have a heat sink and appear otherwise mysterious still and the main circuit board which keeps everything together.

We assume the board also contains the solid state gyroscopes and accelerometers necessary for inside-out tracking.

The good news is that Weis was able to re-assemble the device from its pretty torn down state to a full working restored version, which bodes well for repairability.

See the resulting images below:

Commenting on the device, he told UploadVR:  “The unit is light (which is good) but feels really cheaply constructed. The strap is minimalist and not very comfortable, consisting almost entirely of hard injection molded plastic. The forehead rest has some cushioning, thank goodness.”

The headset can be ordered from Microsoft here for $299 and HP’s identical but much more comfortable and stylish one here for $329. Read his step by step guide here.