ACER wants Windows Phone to hit 15% in EU first before releasing a new handset


28, 2014

Author Surur // in News


Acer VP for Smartphones EMEA Allen Burnes has told the Inquirer that they want to see a lot more demand from consumers for Windows Phones before they are prepared to take a risk on the OS and release a new handset.

“Consumer call is one of the reasons why we we have no Windows Phone plans at present. While Windows Phone indexes at around seven percent in Europe, that’s not enough for us to take the risk.”
“The fact is, until people start talking about the great experience you can have on Windows Phone, we can’t go in on it.”

He also lacked confidence in the Windows Phone Store, saying:

“The Windows Phone Store is improving. But if there are 350,000 apps and it doesn’t include the top 100, then it’s no good for consumers. For example, if you don’t have the local banking apps, then it is of naught to certain people. There are a whole bunch of elements around the application space which need fixing, which for us, is a a big deal.”

The last Windows Phone released by Acer was in 2011, and the company did not appear on a recent list of Windows Phone partners.

He did set Microsoft a target however.

“We are having conversations with Microsoft, and if they index Windows Phone to 10 to 15 percent, we are interested.”

All else being equal (and of course it never is) Windows Phone is tracking certainly to 10% and eventually to 15% in Europe, suggesting Burnes may soon have to put up or shut up, but if their new efforts are as lacklustre as their earlier devices I do not think they will be missed much either way.

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