Acer enters high-end VR headset market with its new ConceptD OJO


13, 2019

Author Pradeep // in News

HP recently announced Reverb, a new high-end VR headset powered by Windows Mixed Reality. HP Reverb is ultra-light (.43 kg) and comes with a staggering 2160 x 2160 panel per eye and an incredible 114-degree field of view.

Recently, Acer announced its own high-end VR headset powered by Windows Mixed Reality, it is named as ConceptD OJO. It features a 4,320 x 2,160 display (same as HP Reverb), detachable and swappable head strap design, easy inter-pupil distance adjustment, and a classic white finish.

Acer has mentioned that OJO comes with a patented built-in sound pipe technology, we are not sure what it means. Hopefully, it will offer better audio experience. Acer has also packed software-assisted interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment technology that will allow users to modify the gap between the eye’s pupil and the display distance for sharper and clearer images. This technology is not available in HP Reverb.

OJO’s unique detachable design makes it easy to clean and share among multiple users. Since this VR headset is powered by Windows Mixed Reality, it’s easy to set up with inside-out tracking and 6 degrees of freedom positional tracking.

Acer did not share any details about OJO’s pricing and availability.

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